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 Interactive Comics Instructions

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PostSubject: Interactive Comics Instructions   Interactive Comics Instructions I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 18, 2011 10:46 pm

Interactive Comics

Q: What are Interactive Comics?

A: An Interactive Comic is where you have a slide (Either still or animated.) of a story of your choice, where the users of Insane Roleplay can command a character. (Please do not put the whole story in animation. Try to use it only for added effect)

You can use anything for the characters, as long as it is of your own creation, or you asked somebody for permission. Ranging from, stick figures, drawings, or even pictures.

Here's an example of an Interactive Comic:

I wrote:
You wake up in a room with no memory of what happened.
Interactive Comics Instructions Sw_adventures03

Next action? (Could be practically anything.)t
Joe wrote:
Open the door on left.
Fred wrote:
Find a random mailman and throw a rock at him.

You accept the actions in the order that they appear, or at random.

I wrote:
You look for a mailman to no avail. You decide to then open the door.
Interactive Comics Instructions Sw_adventures08
YAY!! A RANDOM BULLSEYE!! You quickly realize, to your embarrassment, that it's a portal.

Next action?

Note: When writing the title of your Interactive Comic, please be sure to have the words "Interactive Comic" somewhere to avoid confusion since we do not have our own topic. For example:
Billy wrote:
Flying chipmunks! *Interactive Comic*

Epic sunglasses (an Interactive Comic)

NOT THE MONKEY! 8Oo Interactive Comic

Or anything else you can make up. Have fun!

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Interactive Comics Instructions
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