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 Moderators, Helpers, and new Ranks

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Moderators, Helpers, and new Ranks Empty
PostSubject: Moderators, Helpers, and new Ranks   Moderators, Helpers, and new Ranks I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 9:39 am

I have finally finished chosing the four moderators for our site. I hope that no one will take this personal, because I've read all your entries, and they were amazing and just what I was looking for! But many of you wanted to moderate the same forums, and I need a good variety of moderators so that there will be an equal balance between us all. The four new moderators are: biokid, black-cat, .xX.Strawberry Rain.xXx., and kaylawolf.
I hope that you will all treat them, just as you treat me, on here and on foopets.

But, you still have another chance! I will be looking for a group of helpers, to help keep the forums in check. These people will not have the same duties as the moderators, but be like a co-worker to them. They will basically moderate the forums, by reminding people of the rules, if they are broken, and helping people find their way around.

The helpers will also have to be able to answer questions that people may have from time to time, such as "Will there be another forum opening?". I will keep the helpers in the news from day-to-day if there is any to be said, and they will know what is going on behind the scenes. They will simply answer "No, but there is another competition coming up this month, hope you will join it!" or something like that

New Ranks!

As many of you have probably noticed, there are some new ranks for our users to obtain. They are based on the amount of posts a user has and they are like this.

Member = 10posts
Traveler = 50points
Expert = 150posts
Genius = 550posts
VIP user = 1200posts
Epic user = 2000points
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Moderators, Helpers, and new Ranks
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